Letter: Story was insensitive and hurtful to students

April 20, 2013 

I have been terribly disappointed by your article "Boundary talk riles parents" on April 12. Your article presented nothing but your insensitiveness towards children's education. It is well understood that children's educational development has a correlation with their economic status. Children from low income families are forced to struggle because of difficulties they have to face every day. The difficulties the disadvantaged children face are not their fault. The mission of our society is to help all children.

Children's education requires tremendous time, patience and effort, especially for disadvantaged children. Tireless efforts have been made to improve the education of disadvantaged children by the educators and community members. However, an insensitive article such as yours hurts the children's feelings and undermines everyone's efforts.

Please realize children who come from low income backgrounds are struggling every day; and your article made their lives even more difficult. Please realize the children on your subject are only 10 to 14 years old and they never deserve such treatment by you. I believe the Tri-City Herald has no right to that. The Tri-City Herald owes an apology to such children for your insensitiveness.

Satoru Thomas Yokuda, Richland

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