Mid-Columbia births for Fri, Apr 19, 2013

April 19, 2013 

Kennewick General Hospital

ANGELES -- Grecia and Brandon Evans, Pasco, boy, April 14.

GONZALES -- Brenda and Ivan, Kennewick, boy, April 14.

MENDOZA -- Cristina and David Benitez, Kennewick, boy, April 15.

VAUGHN -- Nichole and Daniel Furrow, Kennewick, boy, April 15.

RUSSELL -- Sarah and Matthew, Pasco, girl, April 15.

MILLBAUER -- Jennifer and Jacob, Richland, boy, April 15.

BAERLOCHER -- Angela and Justin, Kennewick, boy, April 16.

SANCHEZ -- Yanet and Esteban Morfin, Kennewick, girl, April 16.

ROMERO -- Maira and Jose Marin, Pasco, boy, April 16.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

PALMER -- Sandee and Justin, Lind, twin boys, April 11.

MONTGOMERY -- Amy and Jason, Kennewick, girl, April 11.

SANFORD -- Kali and Eric Mata, Pasco, girl, April 12.

YOUNGSTROM -- Yulia and William, Kennewick, girl, April 12.

LOWE -- Lucy and Robert, Pasco, boy, April 12.

MATSON -- Victoria and Dwight, Pasco, boy, April 12.

MERRILL -- Kaylee and Shea, Hermiston, boy, April 12.

FLORES -- Edna and Gabriel, Connell, boy, April 12.

QUIROGA -- Sandy and Quirino, Pasco, girl, April 15.

CIESLAR -- Whitney and Matt, Kennewick, girl, April 15.

AMARAL -- Maria, Pasco, girl, April 15.

WHEELER -- Sara and Michael Doescher, Kennewick, boy, April 15.

WILCOX -- Kara and Jeff, Kennewick, boy, April 15.

BAZALDUA -- Maria and Juan, Grandview, boy, April 16.

ANDERSON -- Becky and Dell, Pasco, girl, April 16.

HEWITT -- Teal and Carson, Richland, girl, April 16.

HERNANDEZ -- Virginia and Alejandro Cochoy, Pasco, girl, April 16.

VALLERUBIO -- Elena, Kennewick, girl, April 16.

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