Letter: Fox News' petty grievances lack substance

April 19, 2013 

I read the letter, "White House tours canceled," by Dave Whitemarsh in the March 31 Herald. The Obama golf/ White House tour FOX News scandal de jour plays well in the parallel universe, but as with all of FOX's petty grievances, it is about as substantive as a bag of Cheetos.

Given the Republican obsession with golf, the debt and the sequester, I thought they might want to chew these facts:

The Department of Defense owns 234 golf courses worldwide for use by military brass. The Eisenhower Blue Course in Colorado sports $400 toilet seats in the club house. The army's Garmisch, Kornwestheim and Heidelberg golf courses in Germany are worth, $6.6 million, $13.3 million, and $16.5 million, respectively, according to the Department of Defense. The Sungnam golf course in the Republic of Korea is reportedly valued at $26 million. For nongolfers, the Defense Department purchased a ski lodge in the Bavarian Alps for $80 million. PolicyMic estimates the cost to taxpayers to maintain these courses is more than $140 million per year.

Why isn't FOX howling about this? Because like Cheetos, its news is nutrition-free brain food, made with hot air and covered with a residue that compels you to wash off after ingesting.


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