Letter: Ethanol additives does environment more harm than good

April 19, 2013 

Ethanol is still in our gasoline. What a fake pretense to prevent "global warming!" Billions of taxpayers' dollars are spent in this fraud.

Add 10 percent ethanol to gasoline and get 10 percent less mileage. Do not add the ethanol and get regular good mileage.

Oh, but we must add the ethanol so less carbon dioxide is released into the air. Ethanol comes from corn. Plant it, cultivate it, water it, harvest it, dry it, store it, ferment it, ship it. Add it to gasoline and combust it in our engines. All of this produces more carbon dioxide than if we just left the gasoline alone in the first place.

The "corn fraud" also adds 15 percent to the groceries we buy.

Thanks to the natural cycles of global heat, we are no longer in the fourth Ice Age. Be patient -- a fifth glacial period will be upon us again in several thousand years.

Picture North America, Northern Europe and Northern Asia covered with a thousand feet of ice.

The warming agent might be water vapor -- better known as clouds.

During the four previous ice ages, the carbon dioxide in the air was quite constant. People weren't burning coal at electrical plants and the Model T did not appear for another 15,000 years. Be patient.

HARRY PORTER, Benton Country

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