Track and field: Richland boys, girls sweep Mid-Col duals

April 18, 2013 

Track at Richland

Parker Floyd, left, and Brenden Kelly, both of Southridge High School, compete Thursday in the boys 110 meter high hurdles at a track meet at Richland High School.

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Tyler Jackson won the shot put and the discus to lead the Richland boys to a 3-0 record at a Mid-Columbia Conference dual meet Thursday at Fran Rish Stadium in Richland.
Jackson won the shot with a throw of 48 feet, 2.5 inches, and the discus with a throw of 150-4.
The Bombers also picked up victories from Payton Radliff (100 and long jump), Jonah Sandoval (800), Ryan Francis (1,600), Michael Williams (3,200), Dennzell Mickelson (110 hurdles), Taylor O’Tolle (javelin) and Conner Smith (pole vault).
Pasco’s Christian Young won the 200 and 400.
On the girls side, Richland went 3-0, as Shanice Lakes won the 400 and triple jump, while Elizabeth Quick won the high jump and pole vault.
Lauren Perry also won two events for the Bombers, winning the 800 and 1,600, while Bridgette Underwood won the javelin.
Southridge won the 4x100 and 4x200 relays, while Kylie Fraga won the 100 and Nicole Edwards the 200.
At Fran Rish Stadium, Richland
Team scores—Richland 87.6, Southridge 57.3; Southridge 91, Pasco 54; Richland 107, Pasco 38; Southridge 113, Kennewick 32; Richland 129, Kennewick 15; Pasco 85, Kennewick 52. 100—Payton Radliff, Richland, 11.24. 200—Christian Young, Pasco, 22.57. 400—Christian Young, Pasco, 50.07. 800—Jonah Sandoval, Richland, 2:05.21. 1,600—Ryan Francis, Richland, 4:44.8. 3,200—Michael Williams, Richland, 10:01.52. 110H—Dennzell Mickelson, Richland, 15.39. 300H—Brenden Kelly, Southridge, 40.26. 4x100 relay—Pasco (Christian Young, Spencer Calveard, TJ Faamausilli, Eric Orange), 44.61. 4x400 relay—Southridge (Robert Ellsworth, Bosco Lopia, Cameron Johnston, Payton Garza), 3:35.16. Shot—Tyler Jackson, Richland, 48-2.5. Dis—Tyler Jackson, Richland, 150-4. Jav—Taylor O’Toole, Richland, 160-10. HJ—Parker Floyd, Southridge, 6-3. PV—Conner Smith, Richland, 12-0. LJ—Payton Radliff, Richland, 22-1.5. TJ—Ryan Best, Pasco, 42-8.5.
Team scores—Richland 79, Southridge 66; Southridge 120, Pasco 29; Richland 128, Pasco 16; Southridge 113, Kennewick 37; Richland 116, Kennewick 34; Kennewick 105, Pasco 37. 100—Kylie Fraga, Southridge, 12.79. 200—Nicole Edwards, Southridge, 26.37. 400—Shanice Lakes, Richland, 59.22. 800—Lauren Perry, Richland, 2:25.18. 1,600—Lauren Perry, Richland, 5:29.39. 3,200—Leslie Olsen, Southridge, 11:45.53. 100H—Michelle Snider, Southridge, 15.29. 300H—Dani Castillo, Richland, 49.0. 4x100 relay—Southridge (Mertece Hatchet, Nicole Edwards, Michelle Snider, Kylie Fraga), 49.23. 4x200 relay—Southridge, 1:48.25. 4x400 relay—Kennewick (Nyakier Deng, Bianca Chavez, Stefanie Sixtos, Jacqueline Ines) 4:30.75. Shot—Kimberly Brinkworth, Southridge, 37-0. Dis—Panisesi Taimani, Kennewick, 115-5. Jav—Bridgette Underwood, Richland, 125-4. HJ—Elizabeth Quick, Richland, 5-2. PV—Elizabeth Quick, Richland, 11-6. LJ—Alexandra Upton, Southridge, 15-9. TJ—Shanice Lakes, Richland, 34-4.
Mid-Columbia meet: The Kamiakin girls won all but two events while picking up three dual victories at Chiawana.
The only events the Braves didn’t win were the 300 hurdles, but Lindsey Schauble still took second, and the 4x400 relay, where Kamiakin didn’t even have a team.
Thrower Elisa Grandemange broke her own school record in the discus, throwing 138-11.
On the boys side, Walla Walla’s Stuart Gillin won the 100 (11.63), the 200 (22.8) and was on the winning 4x100 relay (43.65). The Blue Devils went 3-0 in their duals, as Ben Wolpert added victories in the 1,600 and 3,200.
At Chiawana High, Pasco
Team scores—Hanford 103, Chiawana 42; Kamiakin 79, Chiawana 66; Walla Walla 118, Chiawana 27; Hanford 76, Kamiakin 69; Walla Walla 100, Hanford 45; Walla Walla 98, Kamiakin 47. 100—Stuart Gillin, Walla Walla, 11.63. 200—Stuart Gillin, Walla Walla, 22.8. 400—Tyler Morris, Chiawana, 51.82. 800—Ben Wolpert, Walla Walla, 1:58.5. 1,600—Ben Wolpert, Walla Walla, 4:24.77. 3,200—Andrew Snyder, Kamiakin, 9:41.65. 110H—Jim Fowler, Kamiakin, 17.36. 300H—Rob Thonney, Walla Walla, 42.51. 4x100 relay—Walla Walla (Robert Miller, Stuart Gillin, Darnell Handcox, Ethan Gardner), 43.65. 4x400 relay—Chiawana (Joshua Wilson, Cortez Ruiz, Nick Cooper, Tyler Morris), 3:36.5. Shot—Logan Reardon, Walla Walla, 52-1.25. Dis—Dallon Grinder, Hanford, 155-5. Jav—Logan Reardon, Walla Walla, 158-11. HJ—Cortez Ruiz, Chiawana, 6-2. PV—Peter Sirmon, Walla Walla, 14-6. LJ—Ryan Young, Hanford, 20-10.25. TJ—Jordan Reyes, Hanford, 41-7.
Team scores—Chiawana 114, Hanford 35; Kamiakin 120, Chiawana 30; Walla Walla 101, Chiawana 49; Kamiakin 131, Hanford 13; Walla Walla 131, Hanford 19; Kamiakin 111, Walla Walla 39. 100—Ellie Heiden, Kamiakin, 12.9. 200—Ellie Heiden, Kamiakin, 25.89. 400—Ellie Heiden, Kamiakin, 1:00.65. 800—Megan Beauchene, Kamiakin, 2:16.23. 1,600—Megan Beauchene, Kamiakin, 4:56.51. 3,200—Michelle Fletcher, Kamiakin, 11:26.51. 100H—Lindsey Schauble, Kamiakin, 16.22. 300H—Ashley Cornia, Walla Walla, 46.58. 4x100 relay—Kamiakin (Danielle Brandon, Heather Donais, Lexi McQueary, Samantha Raines), 50.56. 4x200 relay—Kamiakin (Lindsey Schauble, Heather Donais, Kyra Brannan, Ellie Heiden), 1:44.52. 4x400 relay—Walla Walla (Courtney Cox, Allyson Gibbar, Rachel Nelson, Hannah Moeller), 4:22.65. Shot—Elisa Grandemange, Kamiakin, 34-9. Dis—Elisa Grandemange, Kamiakin, 138-11. Jav—Elisa Grandemange, Kamiakin, 119-5. HJ—Andrea Stapleton, Kamiakin, 5-4. PV—Danielle Brandon, Kamiakin, 10-0. LJ—Kyra Brannan, Kamiakin, 17-10.5. TJ—Andrea Stapleton, Kamiakin, 35-7.75.
CWAC: Prosser’s Zack Ferguson won the 100 and 200, and anchored the 4x100 relay to victory at a league meet in Toppenish. On the girls side, Jamie White (discus), Ava Tolcacher (high jump), Mackenzie Davis (pole vault) and Sydney Mercer (triple jump) all captured titles in field events.
At Toppenish High
Team scores—Unavailable. 100—Zack Ferguson, Prosser, 11.77. 200—Zack Ferguson, Prosser, 24.35. 400—Luis Rodriguez, Toppenish, 55.13. 800—Ben Bottcher, Ellensburg, 2:08.45. 1,600—Bradley Buttars, Prosser, 4:47.19. 3,200—Anthony Perez, Toppenish, 11:43. 110H—Allyn Burvee, Ellensburg, 16.74. 300H—Randy Roehl, Prosser, 45.3. 4x100 relay—Prosser (Chris Pedroza, Nick Meza, Javier Diaz, Zack Ferguson), 46.71. 4x400 relay—Prosser (Chris Pedroza, Nick Meza, Caleb Aaberg, Eliseo Rodriguez), 3:44.42. Shot—Jason Glenn, Ellensburg, 43-5.5. Dis—Adrian Villasenor, Toppenish, 129-10. Jav—Jensen Lillquist, Ellensburg, 154-2. HJ—Christian Henderson, Toppenish, 5-2. PV—Maceo Roberts, 10-6. LJ—Matt Bennett, Ellensburg, 19-5.5. TJ—Sterling Clark, Prosser, 40-10.75.
Team scores—Unavailable. 100—Alexia Rodriguez, Ellensburg, 13.02. 200—Kelcie Russell, Ellensburg, 27.2. 400—Kennedy Mattern, Toppenish, 1:04.54. 800—Amber Nickerson, Ellensburg, 2:33. 1,600—Rachel Farris, Ellensburg, 5:38. 3,200—Engaisi Peter, Ellensburg, 12:51. 100H—Lindsay Yetter, Prosser, 16.29. 300H—Madison Moffat, Ellensburg, 49.3. 4x100 relay—Ellensburg, 51.26. 4x200 relay—Ellensburg, 1:57.81. 4x400 relay—Prosser (Rachel Harle, Becky Wildman, Mackenzie Davis, Kolby Childers), 4:24.91. Shot—Natalie Vargas, Toppenish, 30-7. Dis—Jamie White, Prosser, 94-8. Jav—Lauren Spencer, Toppenish, 107-4. HJ—Ava Tolcacher, Prosser, 4-10. PV—Mackenzie Davis, Prosser, 8-6. LJ—Miah Perez, Ellensburg, 15-4. TJ—Sydney Mercer, Prosser, 32-1.5.
Wednesday at Shockman Field, Milton-Freewater
Team scores—1. Asotin, 95; 2. Waitsburg-Prescott, 89; 3. McLoughlin, 62; 4. Walla Walla Valley Academy, 57; 5. DeSales, 35; 6. Tekoa-Oakesdale-Rosalia, 34; 7. Pomeroy, 20; 8. St. John-Endicott, 8. 100—James Thompkins, Waitsburg-Prescott, 11.32. 200—Jesse Styner, Asotin, 24.18. 400—Alex Aamodt, WWVA, 52.96. 800—Seth Deal, Waitsburg-Prescott, 2:06.38. 1,600—Chandler Teigen, Asotin, 4:43.65. 3,200—Chandler Teigen, Asotin, 10:03.18. 110H—Brandon Bissell, WWVA, 15.75. 300H—Brandon Bissell, WWVA, 42.42. 4x100 relay—WWVA (Alex Aamodt, Wesley Hendrickson, Brandon Bissell, Caleb Atkins), 45.4. 4x400 relay—McLoughlin, 3:43.02. Shot—Landon Ristau, Asotin, 45-7. Dis—Jacob Swearingen, Asotin, 134-2. Jav—Jesus Saldana, McLoughlin, 152-5. HJ—Darcy Stamper, St. John-Endicott, 6-4. PV—Jesus Saldana, McLoughlin, 11-0. LJ—Tyler Blakely, Tekoa-Oakesdale-Rosalia, 19-6. TJ—Owen Lanning, Waitsburg-Prescott, 38-9.
Team scores—1. Asotin, 104; 2. St. John-Endicott, 66; 3. McLoughlin, 54; 4. Tekoa-Oakesdale-Rosalia, 50; 5. DeSales, 41; t 6. Dayton, 27; and WWVA, 27; 8. Pomeroy, 22; 9. Waitsburg-Prescott, 21. 100—Kristi Childers, McLoughlin, 12.93. 200—Susana Romero-Diaz, McLoughlin, 29.4. 400—Sarah Nicholas, Asotin, 1:03.31. 800—Madeline Eggleston, Asotin, 2:35.5. 1,600—Lucy Eggleston, Asotin, 5:47.09. 3,200—Lucy Eggleston, Asotin, 12:02.75. 100H—Allison Wujek, DeSales, 16.0. 300H—Abbie Underhill, WWVA, 48.93. 4x100 relay—Asotin, 52.96. 4x200 relay—St. John-Endicott, 1:56.84. 4x400 relay—Asotin, 4:34.18. Shot—Piper Loop, Asotin, 34-10. Dis—Piper Loop, Asotin, 104-0. Jav—Annie Bailey, St. John-Endicott, 121-2. HJ—Olivia Pakootas, Tekoa-Oakesdale-Rosalia, 5-3. PV—Skylar Smith, Asotin, 7-6. LJ—Allison Wujek, DeSales, 16-1.5. TJ—Maddy Witt, Waitsburg-Prescott, 30-5.

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