Letter: Tri-City drivers do poor job of stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks

April 17, 2013 

Stop for crosswalks

I wanted to comment on the letter about jaywalking in the April 1 Herald. I have wanted to ask police to cover the crosswalks at Swift Boulevard across from the library and on Stevens Drive by the Tumbleweed restaurant.

The students and adults crossing at these intersections are taking their lives in their hands. I don't think drivers remember that when there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk, traffic is to stop and wait until they get across.

I can see why teenagers are jaywalking because they can't get across on the "safe" crosswalk and have to make a run for it. I walk from my office across Swift to the library and I have had a car stop, and it was the only one to stop, and then it was in jeopardy of getting rear ended.

I have had cars stop, and as I attempt to cross, a car pulls out of line and continues toward me. I have seen students/teenagers patiently wait for the cars to stop and cars do not. This has included city of Richland vehicles.

Maybe we all need a reminder to stop at crosswalks with people waiting when driving and to not jaywalk, as it is dangerous.


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