Letter: Reaction to Rep. Don Young's anti-Hispanic slur overblown

April 17, 2013 

When I heard that U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, had publicly spoken a "slur" describing certain Latinos illegally entering the United States, I was disgusted.

I knew conservatives generally would face a torrent of feigned outrage from the left, largely sanctimony and political theater.

Sure enough, the race hucksters and big Democrats responded with Oscar-class performances calling for Young's head. Big Republicans trembled, clucking and fawning, fearing the worst for the GOP. The Herald, apparently seeking high inflammatory value, covered the spectacle on the front page under bold headlines.

Reasonable people know that Latinos do not need this kind of protection. They are not weak or helpless. They are increasingly successful, strong and influential -- capable of turning the outcome of a national election as we are endlessly reminded.

All protected minorities in America are approved to develop their own lengthy and ever-expanding list of expressions that offend them, i.e. "slurs."

Conversely, even President Obama publicly referred to his grandmother as a "typical white person," but of course paid no political price for having stereotyped whites.

Latinos who spurn the English language senselessly harm ethnic relations. And those who harbor gangs of violent youths, visiting mischief and mayhem upon our cities, are truly offensive.


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