Letter: Bored Tri-City teens would find plenty to do if they looked

April 17, 2013 

Those who complain that "the Tri-Cities is a boring place to be a teenager" deserve the Lazy Child award.

Boring? What? Because "society" does not provide them entertainment at our expense? One letter writer stated the "the parks, the mall and Starbucks" is all she has. Baloney! Try expanding your mind by any of the following: Volunteering at a retirement home, listening to the residents tell stories of when they were your age. Volunteer at a battered women's shelter. Volunteer to do chores for elderly neighbors who can't do it all themselves anymore. Go read to children at a school or library. Earn money by baby-sitting, pick up leaves, mow lawns, pull weeds, wash cars, anything that would help others and possibly gain some income for you so you don't have to loiter at Starbucks.

In short, do something for others instead of whining. And tell your parents that they need to help you find meaningful activities. It won't cost them a penny and they might get a bit more involved in your "boring" life.


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