Letter: Writer can't understand Spokane man's decision to shoot car thief

April 16, 2013 

I cannot understand why someone would be willing to kill another human being over a "thing." When did any object become more important than a life? Why do we wonder where the young people get the idea that violence is the answer?

If Gail Gerlach thought his life was in danger when he saw his car being stolen in Spokane, he should have gone back into his house and grabbed his phone instead of his gun. He knew the description and license plate number of his car. Let the police do their job.

Gerlach claims that this young man pointed a gun at him -- he thinks! If that is so, how did the bullet that killed this person hit the back of his head? That would be quite a feat -- drive and point "something" and still get hit in the back of his head.

It is time for those who are so adamant about their rights to think of their duties! Instead of using the Second Amendment as their guide in life, they would be much better to remember the sixth commandment. "You shall commit no murder."


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