Letter: Rising gas prices have far-reaching economic impact

April 16, 2013 

Up go gas prices. Ha, ha, people just have to pay it. You may have noticed, up goes the price of raising food stuffs and the cost of shipping it. All products go up, so people have to pay more, thus the people will be able to buy less. Then comes the personnel reduction. Then you have more unemployment.

We must use less gas; state and public employees must be paid. Up go taxes on roads and properties. All service organizations have to charge more. Train service, airline service and air transport groups will charge more. That economy we are all hoping for is gone. Guys, please take an interest.

Speculators on gas and oil have brought us to this same place as they did with real estate speculation. The speculating banks even went bankrupt, which meant the rest of us had to pick up the tab.

The new deal is fuel. The economy is weak. This will make things worse -- from our planes, trucks, railroads to less purchases in the stores.

GEORGE BOOTH, West Richland

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