Hanford sweeps Mid-Col golf pods

April 15, 2013 

Hanford’s Eric Dahl shot a 4-under-par 72 to lead the Falcons to first place in a Mid-Columbia Conference boys pod match Monday at Sun Willows Golf Course.

Hanford edged Richland 292-299 as Zach Betzsold (73, tied for fifth) and Tanner Martin (74, eighth) finished ahead of the Bombers’ pack of 2-3-4 scorers. Jeffrey Marcum led Richland with a 71, one shot back of Pasco’s Daniel Haug in second place.

Walla Walla’s Nick Atwood was fourth at 72, followed immediately by teammate Dean Atkinson, Betzsold and Southridge’s Nick Mandell.

The Falcons made it a sweep of the team honors as the girls ran away with their round, finishing 45 strokes ahead of second-place Richland.

Hanford’s Lacy Skwarek matched Pasco’s Neydeen Martinez for top round with a 79, and teammates Taylor Kain-Godoy, Kelsey Aiello and Kate Stephens finished 3-4-5 and within three strokes of each other.

Kennewick’s Carlee Rhodes and Walla Walla’s Jessica Huntsman also shot 83.

At Sun Willows GC (par 72)
Boys team scores
—Hanford 292, Richland 299, Walla Walla 318, Southridge 319, Kamiakin 333, Kennewick 351, Chiawana 378, Pasco inc.
Top 3—Eric Dahl (Han) 68; Daniel Haug (Pas) 70, Jeffrey Marcum (Rich) 71. Hanford—Dahl, Zach Betzsold 73, Tanner Martin 74, Ezra Arneson 77. Richland—Marcum, Hunter Thompson 74, Drew McCullough 77, Hunter Ashby 77. Walla Walla—Nick Atwood 72, Dean Atkinson 73, Nate Towner 86, Konor Clark 87. Southridge—Nick Mandell 73, Austin Brown 79, Garrett Neswick 81, Kenny Miller 86. Kamiakin—Colton Powers 81, Shae Gurney 83, Ben Maiden 84, Ty Mashaw 85. Kennewick—Roger Alvarado 80, Preston Van Winkle 86, Cedric Hines 92, Brady Sanders 93. Chiawana—Levi Dronen 82, Grant Barker 89, Ben Woodward 98, Kyler Mangus 109. Pasco—Daniel Haug 70, Ryan Rickman 100.
Girls team scores—Hanford 323, Richland 368, Pasco 385, Kamiakin 394, Chiawana 399, Southridge 399, Walla Walla 412, Kennewick inc.
Top 3—Lacy Skwarek (Han) and Neydeen Martinez (Pas) 79, Taylor Kain-Godoy (Han) 80. Hanford—Skwarek, Kain-Godoy, Kelsey Aiello 81, Kate Stephens 83. Richland—Danika Palm 86, Abbey McMinn 88, Kea Robertson 93, Allison Creager 101. Pasco—N. Martinez, Jalayne Martinez 84, Kayla Olson 103, Alexis Jimenez 119. Kamiakin—Mia Johnson 87, Britney Gough 96, Brianna Esvelt 104, Desi Guzman 107. Chiawana—Haylee Hammons 89, Tiffany Johnson 100, Aliyah Trevino 101, Megan Steach 109. Southridge—Catherine Warner 86, Tayler Hood 96, Sydney Meilleur 97, Meridth Hibbard 120. Walla Walla—Jessica Huntsman 83, Kendall Dunovant 93, Shanna Postlewait 112, Kailee Hudson 124. Kennewick—Carlee Rhodes 83, Allison Kadinger 84.

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