Letter: Some people look to Obama for miracles

April 15, 2013 

If you're foolish enough to get your entertainment from the online discussion of Herald Letters to the Editor, you're aware of our local Tea Party's dismay over President Obama's inability to perform miracles. Here's my take.

First you have to recognize that the president is not king. He has a role in 1) getting us out of the economic calamity he inherited from the Bush administration (note that I don't give Bush total, personal responsibility), and 2) preparing this nation for competition in this emerging global economy.

Pursuit of these two goals is expensive, and there is little indication that the private sector is willing to spend their enormous cash reserves to create jobs when there is insufficient demand for their products and services. I believe a Keynesian approach, emphasizing substantial near-term government spending on education and infrastructure, is appropriate, and I'm glad that is a major part of the approach the president is attempting to implement.

This recession will not end overnight, and systemic unemployment will be a serious problem for a long time no matter who is in the White House. You can disagree with my positions on economics and the Constitution, but I think that blaming the president for our struggling economy is a simplistic copout.


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