Letter: What is good government?

April 15, 2013 

It seems to me that we need to use the best models available for good government. Per our the most intelligent forefathers the order of models for our country (based on the fact that this nation prospered religious and economically above other nations) would be the following:

1. The founding fathers recognized the 10 Commandments as best guidance for any government. Of course, some will rebel but that does not change the correct decision.

2. The founding fathers with great insight, designed the U.S. Constitution as the second greatest framework to promote a desirable government that worked. Yes, we have some who want to eliminate, or at least circumvent, good behavior and ethics, but the Constitution still stands.

These two pillars of democracy have given people in our democracy the greatest opportunity to grow and be most productive. Why some want change for self advantage or avoidance of best practices is shameful and self serving, which does not allow our nation to function properly. Somehow we are getting many poor leaders without basic training needed for good leadership. This does not negate the truth nor proper effectiveness of our best basic laws.


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