Mid-Columbia births for Sat, Apr 13, 2013

April 13, 2013 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

CLIZBE -- Olivia and Sean, Pasco, boy, April 3.

GOODPASTURE -- Camille and Jason Gowdy, Pasco, girl, April 3.

BLOOM -- Kyleen, Hermiston, girl, April 3.

PARKER -- Charlene, Paterson, boy, April 4.

JOHNSON -- Kate and Nicholas, Othello, boy, April 4.

CONTRERAS -- Jessica and Romolo Salinas, Pasco, boy, April 4.

LAIR -- Amburly and Kyle Chism, Kennewick, boy, April 4.

HUTCHINSON -- Jessica and Kyle, West Richland, boy, April 5.

ROBERTS -- Savannah and David, Richland, boy, April 5.

GRAY -- Joelle and Bryce Curtis Sr., Kennewick, boy, April 5.

HEDRICK -- Briana and Andrew, Kennewick, girl, April 5.

VALLE -- Blanca and Gustavo Alvarado, Kennewick, girl, April 6.

KORENKO -- Christe and Rob, West Richland, boy, April 6.

CASTRELLON -- Tammy and Armando, Kennewick, boy, April 6.

ANDERSON -- Morgan, Prosser, boy, April 6.

WATTS -- Meghan and Donnie, Richland, girl, April 7.

YI -- Yunjin and Daeho Kim, Richland, boy, April 8.

OZUNA -- Mayra and Jorge Osorio, Kennewick, girl, April 8.

PIERCE -- Kari, Richland, boy, April 8.

MAGULA -- Ericka and Jeffrey, Richland, girl, April 9.

TLACHI -- Maria and Jose Roldan, Kennewick, boy, April 9.

HASTINGS -- Lacie and Colton, Warden, girl, April 9.

REPP -- Erin and Lance, Ritzville, boy, April 9.

HAMEL -- Jennifer and Gregory, West Richland, girl, April 9.

YORK -- Dana and Tim, Kennewick, boy, April 9.

CONTRERAS -- Ana and Francisco Cruz, Pasco, boy, April 6.

MUNOZ -- Glafira and Carlos, Pasco, boy, April 10.

LOWERY -- Christine and Joseph, Kennewick, girl, April 10.

LOZANO -- Cassandra and Juan Camacho, Kennewick, girl, April 10.

MERAZ -- Maria and Jesus Larios, Pasco, boy, April 10.

SWEEZEA -- Kristin and Matthew, Richland, boy, April 10.

SCHOFIELD -- Michelle and Barrington, Richland, boy, April 10.

VAN KAMPEN -- Amanda and Korey, Richland, twin girls, April 10.

TREJO -- Bertha and Gerardo, Pasco, boy, April 11.

LIDEY -- Rachel and Jeff, Richland, girl, April 11.

BELL -- Lourdes and Juan, Pasco, boy, April 11.

BUTLER -- Brittini and Jeremy Van Heel, Kennewick, boy, April 11.

Kennewick General Hospital

MENDOZA -- Brooklyn and Salvador, Kennewick, boy, March 21.

HERNANDEZ -- Esmeralda and Sergio Guzman, Pasco, girl, April 8.

CATON -- Kendra and Michael, Kennewick, girl, April 5.

BRONS -- Katelyn and Steven, Kennewick, boy, April 6.

MUSA -- Nada and William Mou, Kennewick, girl, April 7.

HARVEY -- Shannon and Martin Rosas, Pasco, boy, April 6.

GUILLEN -- Maria and Viviano Birrueta, Kennewick, boy, April 9.

CARMAN -- April and Hans, Richland, boy, April 9.

ARRIAGA -- Alexandria and Cesar, West Richland, girl, April 9.

SORIA -- Mariela and Jose Pedro, Kennewick, girl, April 10.

CASTREJON -- Kara and Jorge, Umatilla, girl, April 11.

BEUS -- Heather and Nathan, Pasco, girl, April 10.

Prosser Memorial Hospital

MARTINEZ -- Teresa and Pedro Hernandez, Mabton, girl, March 8.

BARCENAS -- Jessica and Miguel, Sunnyside, girl, March 8.

CORTEZ -- Narcedalia and Juan Pelcastre, Grandview, boy, March 10.

GOMEZ -- Ana, Prosser, girl, March 15.

ENRIQUEZ -- Leticia and Armondo Lopez, Prosser, boy, March 16.

SERNA -- Marisol and Esgar Flores, Grandview, boy, March 20.

MOLINA -- Martha and Abelardo Becerra, Grandview, girl, March 22.

GONZALEZ -- Paola and Eduardo Rodriguez, Grandview, girl, March 23.

LARIOS -- Rocio and Porfirio Montes, Mabton, boy, March 26.

ORTEGA -- Gabriela, Grandview, boy, March 28.

VARGAS -- Victoria and Reynaldo, Prosser, boy, April 1.

MARIN -- Noemi and Fidel Gonzalez, Prosser, girl, April 2.

RODRIGUEZ -- Maria, Sunnyside, girl, April 5.

Sunnyside Community Hospital

GARZA -- Monique and Sergio, Grandview, girl, March 30.

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