Thankful Thursday: Friend pays the difference

April 11, 2013 

A friend and I were shopping around a local store last week and he noticed a 25-foot hose coiled up in a tiny container.

The hose was priced at $12.99, and he decided to buy it. The clerk rang the hose up at $ 19.99, and we both yelped at her mistake. She scanned the item a second time and the price, once again, showed up as $19.99. We were adamant that the price was $12.99, and that is the price he was charged.

The next day, as he was reading the packaging the hose came in, he was brought up short. He had picked up the 50-foot hose by accident, and that hose was priced at $19.99. He took the hose and receipt and drove back to the store, apologized to customer service and paid the difference.

A small act that's probably not worth mentioning or even reading about. But how many of us would have taken the trouble to do that?


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