Letter: Coming communism will cost Americans their rights

April 10, 2013 

Now that we have made a mockery of marriage and voted to make the potheads legal, why are we stopping now? Why not legalize prostitution like they have in Nevada?

Then there is bigamy. We could legalize it like some Muslim countries have.

Now I hear where the lawmakers want to take the money paid by taxpayers to run the colleges and give it to "criminal border busters" while denying some legal kids the same help.

We must also get rid of guns like they did in the countries where the Communists took over. Ask any of the people from those countries, and the dictatorship we see happening here is what happened to them.

Isn't this what our troops fought and died for -- "to keep America free?"

There was one dictator who said, "We will bury you and never fire a shot." Guess what, they are here and in power.

If you like this socialism, you'll love the coming communism. Get prepared to have all your rights taken away as more and more rights are fading into history as our so called representatives walk all over the Constitution.

You voted them in, so enjoy the ride.


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