Letter: Reasonable background checks for gun purchases make sense

April 10, 2013 

So many views and opinions have been expressed about gun control and so many arguments bandied about, I sometimes feel exhausted just reading them.

But I found the letter from Douglas Kellogg of Richland (March 27, "Safer gun rules") to have offered a cogent case with his comparison to ownership of an automobile.

A person convicted of drunken driving, a felony or any number of offenses relating to his or her use of a car in a criminal manner, can lose the privilege of driving a vehicle. Or they can be denied a license based on a background check. We all feel safer without these people on the road when we're driving.

I fail to find any reason why the ownership of guns should come without first looking into the background of the individual.

It just sounds reasonable.

BINK OWEN, Walla Walla

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