Letter: Definition of 'evil rich' depends on campaign contributions

April 9, 2013 

As a customer of Tracfone, I was shocked to discover the connection of its management with Obama.

In 2001, prior to the "impoverished" program, the company had 1.6 million customers. Today, after the phone give-aways, its base rose to 22 million.

The company is petitioning the government to supply free internet service to low-income families.

President of the company is F.J. Polak. He and his wife, Abigail, have contributed more than $250 million to Democrat candidates since 2011, and Abigail herself bundled nearly $2 million to wangle several White House invites from President Obama himself.

In addition, the chief benefactor of Tracfone just happens to be Carlos Slim of Mexico, purportedly the world's richest man.

Let me get this straight. We have been told time and time again by our glorious leader that rich people are greedy and evil. Here we have two rich and greedy people being invited to the White House even when school children are being shunned.

Here is the key. Rich people are evil except for those who are wearing a "Hope and Change" button and arrive with multi-million dollar checks for your campaign. That simple move changes them into loyal and trusted supporters. Now I get the picture.

TOM BAKER, Waitsburg

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