Letter: Food stamp recipients -- let them eat noodles

April 9, 2013 

Much too long ago, I left the cozy nest and set out on my own with all the answers and not a clue. Self-employed and perpetually broke, the change in my pocket grew in value. My diet became on-sale-off-brand macaroni and cheese, often made with water, no milk nor margarine. It was breakfast and dinner, and on a good day, lunch. It was a monotonously bland diet but I found that hunger was the best seasoning, and along with an occasional multi-vitamin pill, I remained reasonably healthy.

Today's "starving students" use ramen noodles. That life experience taught me to how to live within my means and drove me to work harder and smarter to better my situation in life and myself.

Today's food stamps give a family of five up to $5,900 servings of those ramen noodles per month, or 1,800 boxes of macaroni and cheese. Instead they often choose to buy steaks, $20 Coke from Mexico and $35 Red Bull cases.

The Herald chastised food stamp budget cuts, indicating recipients will suffer. I beg to differ. They merely may be forced to make smarter purchases with food stamps and may hopefully gain incentive to make their lives better without it, as did I.

DAVID W. NELSON, West Richland

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