Richland couple seeks stolen griffin

By Sara Schilling, Tri-City HeraldApril 7, 2013 

Pat Adams was watching Downton Abbey not long ago and spotted some familiar figures at the sprawling estate where the show is shot: two cast-iron griffins -- heroic winged creatures that populate ancient mythology.

"I said, 'There's our griffin! Look at that!' " the Richland woman recalled.

She didn't mean hers exactly. Adams had a 2 1/2-foot griffin statue in front of her home in Heights at Meadow Springs. It traveled with her and her husband around the country, through several moves, and Adams knows it didn't end up on the popular TV show.

But it's somewhere. It was swiped last year, she said. Even after nine months, Adams hasn't given up hope it will make its way back home.

"It means a lot to us. It was with us all these years. It belongs with us," Adams told the Herald.

The 58-year-old and her husband, Sam, inherited the griffin -- which weighs 50 or 60 pounds -- from Sam's mother, who died more than 20 years ago. Pat Adams painted it with bright colors, and it accompanied the couple on moves from Illinois to Indiana to the Tri-Cities in December 2010.

It's a boot scraper and sat by the front door. Adams said she walked outside one day last June, and it was gone.

She reported the theft to police, she said, and has perused the internet for signs of it with no luck.

It's unusual enough that Adams hopes someone will spot it and call Richland police or return it, no questions asked.

"To me, it kind of says home," Adams said. "... I really want him back."

She can be reached via email at

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