Fast Focus: 'Should the postal service stop Saturday delivery to save money?' System needs help

April 7, 2013 

I don't think the post office should eliminate Saturday delivery. It seems like once a big step like this is taken, it is never added back. In the future, if it is taken over by business interests or another company it would be a big financial step for them to add a Saturday delivery.

When I read that English citizens have two mail deliveries a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, I wonder how they do it.

But we do need a better system.

-- When I pay extra for a two-day delivery and it takes eight days, the post office says, "Well, we don't guarantee it."

-- How did a bright manila envelope with a check in it end up lying in my driveway in the backyard?

-- Why have I heard from three companies in the past year that sent me first class mail and I never received it?

-- A few years ago I mailed a check to the utility department in Richland. When I got a $10 late charge on my bill I talked to the postmistress and was told our mail went to Ellensburg. And the postal delivery at that time was right across the street from the utility department. Who makes these decisions and why?

The best thing about my mail is my regular delivery person, Howard. He is a gem. I blame the substitute delivery people who apparently don't care about my mail.


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