Hanford's Kelly wins twice at Davis Invite

April 6, 2013 

Davis Invite: Hanford’s Ben Kelly was a double-winner Saturday at the Davis Invite, taking home titles in the 100 (11.16) and 200 meters (22.3) in Yakima.

On the girls side, Richland High’s Shanice Lakes won the 400 (1:01.62) and the triple jump (33-1.25).

At Zaepfel Stadium, Yakima
Team scores—Unavailable. 100—Ben Kelly, Hanford, 11.16. 200—Ben Kelly, Hanford, 22.3. 400—Ryan McArthur, Lynnwood, 50.54. 800—Lowell Kirkwood, Moses Lake, 2:03.17. 1,600—Garrett Kraal, Kamiakin, 4:29.1. 3,200—Garrett Kraal, Kamiakin, 9:49.19. 110H—Dennzell Mickelson, Richland, 15.45. 300H—Dennzell Mickelson, Richland, 41.33. 4x100 relay—Richland (Aarek Walters, Mason Jackson, Ivan Popovich, Payton Radliff), 44.77. 4x400 relay—Lynnwood, 3:41.29. Shot—Aaron Cunningham, Hanford, 51-7. Dis—Tyler Jackson, Richland, 154-1. Jav—Jacob Herzog, Lynnwood, 165-0. HJ—Brendan Rexus, Kamiakin, 6-4. PV—Cameron Law, Moses Lake, 13-6. LJ—Payton Radliff, Richland, 21-1. TJ—Travis Frymier, Eisenhower, 42-1.
Team scores—Unavailable. 100—Jordyn Edwards, Lynnwood, 12.63. 200—Jordy Endwards, Lynnwood, 25.73. 400—Shanice Lakes, Richland, 1:01.62. 800—Caracol Haley, University Prep, 2:21.25. 1,600—Lindsey Bradley, Richland, 5:10.74. 3,200—Michelle Fletcher, Kamiakin, 11:46.7. 100H—Lindsey Schauble, Kamiakin, 15.88. 300H—Alysha Overland, Moses Lake, 47.52. 4x100 relay—Moses Lake (Diamond Ransom, Kayla Grigg, Caylah Lunning, Alysha Overland), 50.37. 4x400 relay—Lynnwood, 4:12.32. Shot—Kendreya Skinner, Hanford, 37-5.5. Dis—Elisa Grandemange, Kamiakin, 138-4. Jav—Brooke Brown, Eisenhower, 129-2. HJ—Selina Koon, Moses Lake, 5-2. PV—Danielle Brandon, Kamiakin, 10-7. LJ—Caylah Lunning, Moses Lake, 16-9. TJ—Shanice Lakes, Richland, 33-1.25.

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