Letter: Pasco's doughnut hole citizens deserve a choice

April 6, 2013 

On March 11 the editorial board took a jab at the Citizens for Lifestyle Preservation (CFLP) members, specifically Roger Lenk, by the comment regarding new petition drives as being "more vindictive than helpful." That depends on whether the freedom to choose your form of governance by a vote of the people is important to you.

CFLP is active in these petitions because the now-two doughnut holes of unincorporated Franklin County, are too small to form their own city. We depend on each other to stand against a city council that is too flawed to listen to those it wants to rule instead of govern. Thus we started the petition aimed at changing the format of Pasco's city government to an elected mayor chosen by the people instead of how it is run now -- by a city manager with no accountability to the voters.

Last summer 982 residents signed a petition to place a measure on the ballot for doughnut hole residents to choose -- create a new city or not. It would have been a simple vote. The lawsuit on Pasco's attempt to extinguish these voices by annexation has yet to be heard in court and could return the area back to Franklin County.


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