Letter: Praying for peace between Palestine and Israel

April 6, 2013 

"When are our leaders going to stop supporting the Palestinian movement?" (Letters, March 19) The U.S. is noted for upholding freedom and justice for all people. I remember when we struggled to honored the rights and needs of Native Americans and blacks who had been driven from their lands. A little research reveals that Palestinians who had lived in Palestine peacefully for hundreds of years also were forcefully driven from their land in 1948.

To help right this injustice, the United Nations on November 29, 2012, voted to recognize the State of Palestine as an observer state in the U.N. body by a vote of 138 out of 193. They recognized that families need equal rights to access their land, obtain food and water and go to work or school without needing special permits. Palestinians don't want to live in fear that yet more homes will be bulldozed for building additional military posts, walls or settlements.

Our president knows this and is making efforts to promote peace! It is my prayer that all who live in Israel and Palestine receive our compassionate and enthusiastic support in making decisions that promote peace. It is possible.

DAN RIEKE, Kennewick

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