Letter: Tri-City Cancer Center took care of me

April 6, 2013 

When diagnosed in October 2012 with cancer I had options to go to Seattle or Portland, but I chose to go to our own Tri-City Cancer Center. My first impression with the TCCC and the total air of the facility as I walked in the front door, was one of peace.

Every employee was calm and very knowledgeable. I felt they knew immediately what I, the patient, was going through.

My appointment with Dr. Kelley was very calming. I started my MRI, scans, injections, blood tests right away. I am now completely finished with all my treatments and now look forward to regaining my strength and getting on with my life.

Let's not fool ourselves Tri-Citians and neighboring friends. We do not have to travel 300 miles for the best cancer treatment. It is already right here on our door step.

This is our community. I hope that no one is told that they have cancer, but if so, please head to our TCCC as soon as possible. It is ours and it is staffed by our neighbors and friends who really care about us and our community. I know, I trusted them and was not let down.

LES COLE, Prosser

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