Mid-Columbia births for Fri, Apr 5, 2013

April 5, 2013 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

SANDERSON -- Katherine and Shawn, Kennewick, boy, March 29.

STEVENS -- Yanan and Andrew, Richland, boy, March 29.

CERVANTES -- Leticia, Grandview, boy, March 29.

WITT -- Christine and Jason, West Richland, boy, March 29.

MARTINEZ -- Manuela and Esequel, Pasco, boy, March 30.

BLACK -- Sadie and Benjamin Crookston, Richland, boy, March 30.

CASTRO -- Valeria and Luis Garcia, Kennewick, boy, March 30.

MATTESON -- Keely and Guy, Pasco, boy, March 30.

HICKMAN -- Audrey and Tanner, Kennewick, boy, March 30.

WALTERS -- Ashley and Aaron, Richland, girl, March 31.

ROMERO -- Kassandra and Alonso Arellano, Kennewick, girl, March 31.

BLANCHARD -- Tabatha and Jerry Polley, Kennewick, boy, April 1.

GREENBAY -- Teresa and Duane, Kennewick, boy, April 1.

JUAREZ -- Maria, Pasco, girl, April 1.

CARPENTER -- Keyna and Jack, Kennewick, boy, April 1.

KUTSIY -- Olga and Dennis, Pasco, girl, April 1.

BRENEMAN -- Tiffany and Luis Bahena, Richland, boy, April 1.

HAYDEN -- Melanie and Ronald, West Richland, girl, April 1.

MORGAN -- Kelly and Jonathan, Richland, girl, April 1.

PATTERSON -- Dannielle and David Taylor, Kennewick, girl, April 1.

IBARRA -- Amy and Andy Landin, Pasco, boy, April 2.

FANSLER -- Sarah and Paul, Kennewick, boy, April 2.

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