Letter: New TSA guidelines make no sense

April 5, 2013 

The TSA recently announced new guidelines, allowing small pocketknives on board flights. In addition, they are allowing small baseball bats, hockey sticks, pool cues, and gold clubs. I have to ask, "WTH?"

As the TSA attempts to keep the skies safe by banning my homemade jams, mouthwash or even shampoo aboard my next flight, I have to wonder at the logic behind the recent announcement of allowing knives. Now, I understand that terrorists are quite the MacGyvers of the skies and can fashion a deadly tool out of simple, everyday items, however, allowing them to have knives seems an awful lot like enabling.

Let us put deodorant back in the carry-on luggage, along with hairspray and makeup. Let us allow some hygienic items rather than knives. I would personally like to see people have access to mouthwash, makeup and even a little soap in case necessity arises! Let babies have the banned teething rings so they will not cry and let children have pudding cups (gel-like substances) for a three hour flight! My suggestions are simple and less likely to cause a hijacking! Maybe America needs to address the effectiveness of the TSA?


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