Letter: Inviting 'liberal' Catholics to reconsider

April 5, 2013 

Every media outlet other than maybe Fox News has had far more negative than positive coverage at a time when Catholics are celebrating the installation of the new pope.

Contrary to what the media tells you most Catholics (like me) don't have a problem with celibacy for priests, no ordination of women priests, the church not accepting gay marriage and the so-called "right to choose" by women that, in reality, is nothing more than the right to end a human life.

For the so-called liberal Catholics that go on these media outlets and say they are a practicing Catholic and spout this liberal dogma, I have got news. The Catholic Church has not left them, they have left the church because they are no longer in "communion" with the teachings or beliefs of the religion. I do not hate them or think any less of them for their opinion and I welcome the opportunity to "commune" with them in Christ, but if they cannot except the religion for what it is, please go find one that works for them and leave mine alone.


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