We love a reason to smile, people who help others

April 4, 2013 

Furlough song

Sometimes you just have to laugh. Even though things are serious, you can't take yourself too seriously.

James Strickling's song about DOE's furloughs is a hoot. If you haven't heard it yet, invest a few minutes on YouTube and listen to it.

Either you're personally affected by a furlough (whether you work at Hanford or elsewhere -- after all, engineers are not the only ones taking some unpaid time off in this community) or you know somebody who is.

And while making light of the situation won't pay any bills, this song ought to make you smile. We did. Nobody likes the furloughs, but we like the song.

Chamber award

Bonnie Dunbar has taken care of cattle and flown in space -- and lots of other cool stuff. She was raised on a ranch near Grandview and is now a retired astronaut. She has an impressive resume and still is a likable, thoughtful person.

She was honored by the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce as the Alumnus of Distinction.

We appreciate that the chamber recognizes people with local ties. There are really many good candidates to choose from.

We're grateful to share "home" with some wonderful people.

Delta donation

Because we read so often about some company donating to this cause or the other in the Mid-Columbia, we might lose sight of how generous those gifts really are.

It seems like every week we mention at least one of these gifts in this column, and there are several more -- always -- that we could talk about.

The one that caught our eye this week is a $150,000 check from Washington River Protection Solutions to help build the new Delta High, the public STEM school in the Tri-Cities.

We don't want to be ungrateful or start to feel like we are somehow entitled to these community donations.

The generosity of these companies to all of the many different community interests really is a big deal. And we appreciate it.

Every time.

Easter story

Not all of us will fly on a space shuttle or be in a financial position to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to a cause. But the story about a nun who wrote the script and made costumes for St. Joseph's Easter celebration speaks volumes about what is within reach for most of us.

The costumes and script are more than 20 years old. They, no doubt, took a lot of time and energy to create and are still in use.

None of us can give it all, but all of us can give some.

And that giving attitude is one of our favorite things about calling the Mid-Columbia home.

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