Letter: Students should learn to navigate political waters

April 3, 2013 

After years and years of going through Washington state's education system, I am left to wonder what the goal of our public education is. Was it to instill every student with the desire to reach their dreams? Yes, but did it teach my fellow pupils how to become good Americans?

Too often I find that people don't know who represents them as county executives, state legislators and, dare I say, vice president. With this lack of general knowledge, how then can the people of my generation petition the government for their grievances? The answer is that they're simply handicapped at accomplishing anything that is of utter importance to their values and goals.

If Washington wishes to produce honest and dedicated Americans and Washingtonians, then they should get serious about true education reform, which should be steered to the goal of promoting every student's knowledge of the structure of American society. With this knowledge, you might be surprised when young Americans stand united against policies that harm their future well-being. After all, it wasn't too long ago when young Americans voted with the same proportions of other age demographics, which are tomorrow's middle class and king-makers.


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