Letter: Teen need more (legal) things to do in the Tri-Cities

April 3, 2013 

With the passing of the new law, many parents are worried that their teenagers will begin using marijuana. The problem isn't whether or not teenagers will start, but why they start. A lot of people assume it is due to peer pressure, depression, rebellion or just something teens do. And while some of these reasons may be true, one of the biggest reasons that many teenagers start smoking is out of boredom.

The Tri-Cities is a boring place to be a teenager. There is nothing to do, especially if you live on the budget of the average teen. Sure there's the park, the mall and Starbucks. But you can only spend so much time at the park, the mall gets old after 30 minutes and Starbucks doesn't appreciate loitering. So what's left? What makes things fun when everything fun has passed? Getting high.

The Tri-Cities needs places to go and things to do for teenagers. Rec centers, arcades, laser tag, improv teams, places for local bands to play, skate parks, art centers, dance classes and socials, zoos, museums and shopping centers all keep teenagers busy and help prevent them from illicit activities. Preventing boredom helps prevent drug use.


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