Letter: Liberal Democrat is a contradition in terms

April 3, 2013 

Regarding Ivar Husa's letter (March 15), as a conservative Republican, I will never vote for a liberal/progressive Democrat, either. They are a complete contradiction to the definition of the word "liberal" which includes someone/ government that supports "personal freedom." More laws, more lawyers, more government, and more of our income taken from We, the people, to pay for it, is not conducive to freedom. I wonder what leftwing/liberal poll Mr. Husa is referring to? You know, the same leftwing media which for decades has consistently regurgitated false, negative data, and outright lies regarding the Second Amendment and firearm ownership.

As far as keeping us safer, that would require the government to do exactly the opposite of what so-called liberals want them to do, and get out of law-abiding citizens way and allow them to carry firearms wherever they wish; not create more legislation that the bad guys ignore. After all, when an armed citizen witnesses a potential mass shooting, it is stopped 100 percent of the time. Look it up.

If the majority of American liberals/progressives (including Republicans) really do want more anti-Second Amendment legislation based on lies, so be it. We'll stick to the truth.


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