Letter: Retain our 2nd Amendment rights

April 3, 2013 

What is going on?

We have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, don't we? Any kind of arms, any amount of ammunition, don't we?

The governor in Colorado doesn't seem to think so. Sen Diane Fienstien doesn't seem to think so. Vice President Joe Biden doesn't seem to think so. If the Democratic party can't ban specific weapons outright, they will ban ammunition, or size of magazines.

In our own state, we have Democratic senators who think the sheriff should be able to come into your house, if you are on the list of gun owners, check out your weapons to make sure they are stored properly and safely. According to whose standards? Senate bill 5737.

It even allows for up to a year in jail if you refuse them access. Really? Who are these people? Who decides if they are stored properly? What if they don't think they are stored properly?

I realize the killings we are experiencing in schools are horrible, but do you really think they will not happen if you take my gun away from me? Or you? If you are concerned, call your representative.


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