Letter: Name calling doesn't solve problems

April 3, 2013 

Several radical lefties have painted Conservatives as bellicose, bloodthirsty, firearm-clutching, crazy, hallucinating "gun nuts!" This makes it impossible to solve problems of the greatest nation in the history of the world. The entire world turns to America for help. Europe, Haiti, Japan and more!

We have our faults, but no other country in the world is blessed more. And no other country has had more folks give their lives to get to!

If untrue generalities justify your hatred of those with whom you disagree, I'm sorry for you. If you desire to recognize America's shortcomings and bring us together, this is a poor way to open the dialogue.

The comparison of the NRA as akin to the open revolt in Syria, is very unfortunate and woefully inaccurate. Indeed, ignorance of the NRA and folks like me (a longstanding member) is a feeble attempt to spew forth the leftwing talking points!

Mr. Brigslie's and Rykiel's letters overwhelmingly point to a complete ideological approach ignoring the facts.

Finally, the debt: $4 trillion in eight years compared to $16 trillion in four years is a faulty comparison. Even a "righty" can figure that out!


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