High school tennis scoreboard

April 2, 2013 

Condon-Wheeler at Umatilla

Girls: Umatilla 5, Condon-Wheeler 0. Singles—Susan Routson (U) def. Kayleanna Hoover 8-0; Norma Chavez (U) def. Taylor Watters 8-0; Cassie Hines (U) def. Jordan McKay 8-2. Doubles—Cheris Smith/Sydney Webb (U) def. Jordan McKay/Megan Thoreson 8-1; Crystal Meinke/Jennifer Brown (U) def. Paige Ackerman/Toni Blanchard 8-0.

Weston-McEwen at Umatilla

Boys: Umatilla 2, Weston-McEwen 2. Singles—Josh Lambert (WM) def. Martin Rubio 9-7; Daniel Garcilazo (U) def. Alex Gilsdorf 8-1; Ramiro Rubio (U) def. Logan McDowell 8-0. Doubles—Caleb Olsen/Josh Lambert (WM) def. Alejandro Madrigal/Joey Routson 8-6.

Girls: Umatilla 3, Weston-McEwen 0. Singles—Sydney Webb (U) def. So Yeong Lee 8-1. Doubles—Muranda Cranston/Anali Rubio (U) def. Sara Wimett/Alexis Zimuda 8-0; Norma Chavez/Karina Ortiz (U) def. Lizzy Carlyle/Kyra Fairchild.

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