Letter: Bill makes just about everything a 'transfer' of ownership

April 2, 2013 

A recent letter questioned why the NRA and many firearm owners are against background checks. I am not against background checks to keep firearms out of criminal hands if the legislation used common sense and was simple.

Under Chuck Schumer's bill you have to do checks on your own family members and other relatives. If you live with a roommate and leave on vacation for more than seven days, that constitutes a "transfer" and you can be jailed for up to five years. If you are on public or private land doing some target practice, you cannot hand your friend a rifle and have him test fire it; that is a transfer. If you have a friend on relative who want to borrow a shotgun for hunting, that is illegal and treated as transfer.

There are more ridiculous circumstances in the full bill.

The trouble is that all people know is what they hear on the news about needing background checks and it sounds good to them. But they do not bother to read the actual legislation and discover all the absurd sections that make no sense or are invasive upon law abiding citizens.


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