Letter: Tell lawmakers your thoughts on Legislature's gun bills

April 1, 2013 

I was just looking at the state Legislature's website and was surprised to find 39 pending bills related to firearms. Anyone interested in this topic should look at these bills, then advise your legislators as to your opinions.

Pay particular attention to SB 5737, HB 1703, HB 1588 SB 5625 SHB 5625 and SB 5711. Although all of these claim to be concerned with safety or preventing inappropriate use of firearms, a quick read shows that to be a ruse. It's obvious the actual objective of these bills is to pile on fees and bureaucratic harassment until the hassle factor becomes so great that only the wealthy will try to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The resemblance to the poll taxes and literacy tests some states and other jurisdictions once used to prevent blacks from exercising their right to vote is just uncanny.


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