Letter: Exposure to books with mature topics broadens young readers

April 1, 2013 

In response to the article about the Prosser School District's controversy over some of the books selected for school libraries:

As a student myself, though much older than an elementary or middle school student, I believe that books should be open to the eyes of children, and kids should be able to expand their knowledge at any time. I do believe some books are not appropriate for younger eyes and minds, but restricting the use of books only can be good to an extent.

Books written by authors who use profanities or refer to sexual terms or just flat out say things are going to be inappropriate, of course. However, TV shows that kids watch these days are just as likely to slyly include sexual jokes that only the parents who are watching would get. Even Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter books says "bloody hell, "and I was exposed to Harry Potter in my elementary years -- let's just keep this in mind.

I am a student who has been exposed to books with a few "too mature" topics, but it has only broadened my knowledge and left me unaffected today. Let's not underestimate the youth of our community.


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