Letter: Compare household budget to federal spending for clearer picture

March 31, 2013 

There have been previous letters explaining ways to understand the size of billions and trillions of dollars in our federal budget.

The following explanation of the magnitude of the budget is not my idea. Variations of it have been on multiple radio and TV programs.

Picture a family annual budget for 2013 with the following numbers:

1. Income -- $27,080.

2. Expenses -- $35,530.

3. New credit card debt for the year -- $8,450.

4. Existing total credit card debt -- $122,290.

5. Required budget reduction -- $850.

6. Proposed credit card payment -- $1,000.

Most people would not consider this a reasonable family budget. If you add eight zeros, they would equal the Congressional Budget Office Baseline Budget Projection for 2013.

Item 1 is the federal tax revenue, 2 is the federal spending plan, 3 is the federal budget deficit, 4 is the federal debt, 5 is the sequestration spending cut and 6 is payment on the national debt.

Search the web for the CBO document, The budget and economic outlook: fiscal years 2013 to 2023," download the complete document and go to table 1-1 for the above figures.

ROD JONES, Richland

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