Letter: Make abortion illegal

March 31, 2013 

At five weeks, a fetus has a heartbeat. Many people are informed of this, however, the fetus is alive. Having an abortion ends the life of an innocent human being. An abortion terminates the possibility of life.

Human life begins at conception and so does unique genetic identity. Human life is sacred. It is not a choice. People in favor of abortion argue that it is the women's body and right to choose, but they also need to be responsible for the outcome of their choices. A baby is not a mistake, but an opportunity at a new life being formed to impact the world.

Under some circumstances the fetus may be diagnosed with a disease or be deformed, causing parents to get rid of the baby. However, who are we to judge a person? If abortion is legal why isn't murder legal? We as human beings are here for a reason, and we should not have the right to terminate that reason. A single heartbeat, a new life, another opportunity, a miracle, all begins at conception. Will you give an opportunity or will you end it?


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