Letter: Country needs to unite and solve economy woes

March 29, 2013 

The United States is undergoing arguably the worst economical downturn since the Great Depression. The unemployment rates are declining, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 7.7 percent of Americans still are out of work. But very little is being done in Washington, D.C., to solve this problem. Instead we debate comparatively trivial issues.

While Congress does virtually nothing to solve the economic crisis, Americans aren't holding Congress responsible. Both Democrats and Republicans have valid opinions and points of view; that's why each party have held congressional majorities throughout our history, and one side, or a combination of sides, could probably come up with a solution.

However, we're not going to find out if neither side can get any laws passed.

The filibusters and unwillingness to compromise undermine the very fabric of the American political system. The Founders even knew that compromises must be made in order to solve the nation's problems. We, the people of the United States, are one nation of people. Instead of dividing ourselves over gun control, gay marriage and illegal immigration, we need to come together as Americans and hold the political elites accountable for doing their job: trying to form a more perfect union.

JOSH TROTT, Kennewick

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