Letter: Water parks are for private investors, not taxpayers

March 29, 2013 

Soon, we will be asked to vote for or against a tax increase to pay for a water park in west Pasco.

With the failure of a past water park on Canal Drive in Kennewick and the dropping of two proposed privately funded water parks, what gives our public officials the idea that this latest scheme will work?

I am a confirmed capitalist. I believe that private enterprise beats government involvement most of the time. All too often, public officials get a wild hair and push for some "feel-good" scheme that winds up costing the taxpayers (you and me). This comes in the form of tax increases or reductions in necessary services -- streets, sewer, fire protection and public safety.

If you don't pay taxes, vote for the water park. Otherwise, check your wallet and see if you truly believe this to be a good way of spending your money.


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