Letter: NRA letter untrue and should not have been printed

March 29, 2013 

My understanding of the Herald's letter policy is that letters which defame individuals, contain factual errors or are in poor taste will not be printed. This policy was ignored in printing Edward Rykiel's letter, defaming millions of National Rifle Association members and gun owners.

Rykiel claims, "There is no unacceptable level of gun deaths for the bellicose NRA and its paranoid rightwing." And he also states, "The civil war in Syria is the kind of grim society the delusional NRA and its bloodthristy rightwing seek." Such misleading and insulting statements have no place in commonsense discourse, nor are worthy of rational comment.

I am an NRA member. I collect different models of rifles, handguns and own some of the finest handcrafted engraved weapons in the world, including a Thompson with a 50-round drum.

I support and defend the U.S. Constitution, the right to keep and bear arms and the absolute right of self-defense against a lethal attack. I support and defend the NRA safety and educational programs, the defense of individual freedoms and the identification and incarceration of violent felons and mental cases.

As a demolition contractor, I also hold a federal and state license for the possession and use of high explosives, so I must be more competent than Rykiel believes.


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