Roomates on the road

March 28, 2013 

The Tri-City Americans have spent more night on the road this season than the Travelocity Roaming Gnome.

This means endless nights on the bus and countless nights in hotel rooms in towns big and small from the Pacific Northwest to Brandon, Manitoba.

While most every player can tell you when, where and against which team he scored his first goal without a second thought, naming their first-ever roomie on the road was not as easy.

Brian Williams could tell me who assisted on his first goal, but as to his first roomie on the road — he guessed. Zach Yuen also drew a blank.

Here is the list:

Justin Feser — Tyler Schmidt (he originally thought Lane Werbowski, but quickly changed his answer).

Malte Strömwall — Patrick Holland.

Connor Rankin — Mike Brown.

Mitch Topping — Matt Meropoulis (when he was with now-defunct Chilliwack).

Zach Yuen — It’s been too long to remember.

Parker Bowles — Justin Hamonic.

Jesse Mychan — Tyler Maxwell (when he was with Everett).

Brian Williams — He seems to think it was Jordan Messier, but isn’t 100 percent sure.

Drydn Dow — Brett Plouffe.

Beau McCue — Connor Rankin.

Michal Plutnar — Eric Comrie.

Lucas Nickles — Dylan Fluter, when both were affiliate players two years ago.

Marcus Messier — Kruise Reddick.

Tyson Dallman — Connor Rankin.

Justin Gutierrez — Clint Filbrandt.

Clint Filbrandt — Justin Gutierrez.

Justin Hamonic — Drydn Dow.

Wil Tomchuk — Jesse Mychan.

Lukas Walter — Mac Carruth when he was with Portland; Malte Strömwall with the Americans.

Eric Comrie — Adam Hughesman, when he was 15 years old and came up for the playoffs.

Luke Lee-Knight — Mike Aviani, when he was with Spokane last year.

Troy Trombley — Dylan Willick, when he was with Kamloops.

Ryan Chynoweth — Josh Birkholz, last year with Everett.

Tyler Fraser (affiliate player) — Drydn Dow, the Everett preseason tournament.

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