Letter: Internet provides some chuckles on couch potato syndrome

March 27, 2013 

Fresh fear: couch potato syndrome!

I understand that sitting for long periods may affect blood sugar, weight and metabolism.

Finally, a bloke from England offered up this news from a University College London study for all of us to contemplate. (Before, going further, a "university college?" Really? Must be some fresh approach to knocking down tuition.)

Back to the point: The following views (from internet snippets) seem to add depth to this infamous couch potato syndrome.

w Statistics have shown that you are at high risk of dying the longer you live.

w I'll take my chances with sitting rather than smoking and drinking diet soda. I'd rather have hemorrhoids than lung cancer.

w The world is trying to kill us, no matter what we are.

w Never mind banning guns, ban chairs.

Hey, what the heck. I think we all need a bit of humor to balance Obama's sequestration plan to help cut spending. Oh well, when all truckers, most office workers and a host of others pass away from this horrible syndrome, our socialist government's medical program will be in full swing to save a few survivors.

Merrily, the cycle will start all over again without consideration of historical lessons.

KURT LEWIS, Richland

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