Letter: Pasco School District should dump school boundaries and let students decide

March 27, 2013 

Being a high school student in the Pasco School District, I have found that many parents and students disagree with the boundary rule that the district made up to decide what schools kids will have to attend.

My question is simply, why does it matter? Why do we have to be told what schools we can go to? There are really no reasons why some kids live a couple blocks away from Chiawana High School but because of the boundary they now have to drive three miles away to Pasco High School.

And kids who live near Pasco High School are getting bused all the way across town to Chiawana because of where the boundary is. This system does not work well at all and angers parents and students.

We really don't need boundaries. People should be able to choose where they want to attend school. Some people from Chiawana would like to go to Pasco while some of the people from Pasco would want to go to Chiawana, keeping the balance between schools.

The district should not get a say in where your child goes attends school; it should be your choice.


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