Letter: America should consider switching two-party system to parliamentary government

March 27, 2013 

Parliamentary approach

America has had to deal with various issues all around the country through debates and votes in Congress, yet there is one topic I wish to understand. I ask you: Do you believe that the American form of government is the best form of democratic government?

There are other versions of democracy all over Europe, especially the example in Great Britain. The British parliament consists of different parties, and its leadership is in the form of a centralized government.

The American government is more decentralized than Britain because of the separation of powers as well as the bicameral Congress.

However, the American people believe that the Senate and House members use their positions to their personal benefit or for the party they represent.

Parliament has multiple parties and they can change the government if the leaders lose support from said parties. Congress has two parties and no such restrictions, and people believe that they are turning America toward the wrong direction. Is it wise to grant so much power to Congress or should America have a parliament instead?



Beef with police

How do police justify their jobs? I thought the slogan was protect and serve. It should be changed to tax and investigate. It seems to me the investigation is a violation of our civil rights.

We should be able to drive down the road and not get asked for papers. When does the Fourth Amendment do any good? I think the police need be retrained on what is a constitutional stop and what is not!

Soon we will all be subject to Big Brother, and he is watching everything. Why can't we go into a court and record the judges but they can record us? The court system is there for profit not for the better of our communities.



Stand up for yourself

Fresh fear: couch potato syndrome!

I understand that sitting for long periods may affect blood sugar, weight and metabolism.

Finally, a bloke from England offered up this news from a University College London study for all of us to contemplate. (Before, going further, a "university college?" Really? Must be some fresh approach to knocking down tuition.)

Back to the point: The following views (from internet snippets) seem to add depth to this infamous couch potato syndrome.

w Statistics have shown that you are at high risk of dying the longer you live.

w I'll take my chances with sitting rather than smoking and drinking diet soda. I'd rather have hemorrhoids than lung cancer.

w The world is trying to kill us, no matter what we are.

w Never mind banning guns, ban chairs.

Hey, what the heck. I think we all need a bit of humor to balance Obama's sequestration plan to help cut spending. Oh well, when all truckers, most office workers and a host of others pass away from this horrible syndrome, our socialist government's medical program will be in full swing to save a few survivors.

Merrily, the cycle will start all over again without consideration of historical lessons.



Safer gun rules

I own a car. That is my right. I register that car with the state and maintain a license from the state to operate that car. For the sake of well regulated traffic, there are many laws in place that have saved thousands of lives over the last century.

It is time for Congress and state legislatures to pass reasonable rules regulating gun safety so our grandchildren can enjoy the fruits of liberty in safety. Let's start by passing comprehensive background checks and limitations on the types of unreasonably lethal equipment available for sale.

Over the years we have made car ownership safer. It is time to start the same process with weapons.



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