Hermiston bans the sale of graffiti devices to minors

Tri-City HeraldMarch 26, 2013 

In an effort to crack down on graffiti, the city of Hermiston has banned the sale of graffiti instruments to minors.

The ban will go into effect at the end of next month and will prohibit minors from purchasing or possessing devices used to create graffiti, such as aerosol cans, large felt tip markers and etching devices.

Juveniles will still be allowed to possess felt tip markers that are under a quarter-inch wide.

Hermiston’s Assistant to the City Manager Mark Morgan said half of the 70 reported graffiti cases in Hermiston last year were committed by juveniles.

If a juvenile is caught with graffiti devices that are not approved by an employer, parent or school official, they will face a $150 fine, Morgan said.

Property owners with graffiti on their buildings will now be required to remove the markings within seven days or the city will hire a contractor to clean it up at the owners expense.

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