Letter: Republican obstructionist tactics killing American jobs

March 26, 2013 

A functioning government requires two parties sharing ideas, working in the best interest of the country and all citizens. It's called negotiating.

History will rank President Obama among the top of all presidents. Unfortunately, his efforts may be wasted.

There is a percentage of Americans who won't accept a black president. Republican senators and representatives should be ashamed of their actions and be held liable for conspiracy against the country and American citizens. Especially if they allow sequestration to continue, costing over a million jobs, creating more uncertainty, drastically damaging the economy and killing the recovery. Totally irresponsible!

Republican politicians are the main reason the country lost its credit rating.

Their obstruction tactics prevented millions of jobs from being created, made a weak economy weaker and are delaying a healthy recovery.

Many are in the pockets of big business and Wall Street to deregulate and privatize for their own self-interests. All politicians should have full income disclosure.

Politicians must work honestly aside from party lines for the best interest of all citizens and the country.

Create jobs, not cut them. Create fair revenue and make sensible, not drastic spending cuts.


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