Letter: Stop and think before criticizing others

March 26, 2013 

I recently was in line behind a few people at a local grocery store when I heard a woman in front of me say quite loudly, "Look at that old guy paying with food stamps for pop and candy and some chips."

The older gentleman heard her and replied, "Ma'am, you are entitled to your opinion, but my wife of 35 years is dying, and we had to sell most of what we worked all those years for to pay her medical bills.

"We had to go on welfare as we have nothing else to sell. Now I can see how you feel, but I have loved her and she has loved me every day of those 35 years. And if she wants a treat now and again in these last few months she has left, I would ask that you understand. She has earned it."

He then picked up his bags, tipped his hat to her and left with his head held high. I have never seen such quiet dignity. So the next time you grumble about that person who you feel is wrong, stop and think. You might save yourself some embarrassment.

TROY WAECHTER, West Richland

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